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"a female protagonist in assassin’s creed is historically inaccurate!"

haha yeah because ancient aliens, conspiracies, and a war that has been going on for thousands of years yet still somehow remains secret to the outside world is totally accurate i mean we can have glowing magical objects which kill people and all kinds of stuff but a female with a knife is TOO far buddy TOO INACCURATE and TOOO UNSCIENTIFIC!!!!!!

I was playing a bunch of side missions on AC3, and I came across a Frontiersmen. The guy was saying something about the Headless Horseman and I didn’t take it to seriously because all the other missions ended up being fake. So I went out to finish the mission and the freakin Headless Horseman was real, I was so scared I didn’t expect that… I was just…it was so unexpected…I can’t even

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